Texas top small forwards

Justin Johnson
Tyler Junior College
6-foot-6, 200 pounds
Tyler, TX
A very skilled long armed athlete. Excels in transition. Is very good at getting out and filling a lane in transition. Good on ball defender. Attacks the offensive glass. Good 3 pt. shooter, not great. More of a slasher, than a shooter. Signed with the University of Iowa.
Mykal Riley
Panola College
6-foot-6, 190 pounds
Pine Bluff, AR
Great in an up-tempo pressing situation. Has long arms to cause havoc defensively. Good athlete, scores well in transition. Shoots the "3" well with deep range. Good offensive rebounder. Signed with the University of Alabama-Birmingham.
Derek Burditt
Blinn College
6-foot-7. 195 pounds
New Orleans, LA
Very versatile offensive performer. Scores in a variety of ways. Scores posting up, shooting the "3" or by slashing. Good rebounder. Very good athlete. Manufactures points in a hurry. High Major prospect. Will not graduate and will look to go overseas to play. Has a wife and family back home in New Orleans, that he wants to support.
Louis Rodgers
Howard College
6-foot-7, 190 pounds
Lubbock, TX
Very good 3 pt. shooter. One of the most versatile performers in the country. Scores from the perimeter or in the post. Handles the bell well. Upper mid major prospect.
Robert Hartfield
Temple College
6-foot-4, 195 pounds
San Antonio, TX
Strong athletic swingman. Shoots it decent from 3 pt. range. Must respect him from "3". Loves to score in transition and use his athleticism going to the hoop. Tough hard nosed defender.